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Latest Mechanics Lien Law and News

California Mechanic’s Lien–When to Serve a Pre-Lien Notice

A California mechanic's lien requires certain preliminary prerequisites before its filing. But it only applies to some claimants. Here are some of the basic rules. If you are performing labor for wages only, there is no requirement to serve the 20 day notice. However, if you are performing labor under a stipulated sum contract or T & M/cost plus basis, you must serve the notice. Non-service only applies if you are performing the labor for wages. Assume hypothetically you are ...
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South Carolina Mechanic’s Lien–Using a Notice of Project Commencement

In order to file a mechanic's lien in South Carolina, lien claimants need certain information to fill out their forms. South Carolina has a solution to this dilemma by allowing a general contractor to file what is called a Notice of Project Commencement. Unlike other states in which the owner typically files such a notice, in South Carolina it is filed by the general contractor. The purpose is to let other persons down the chain of title, including subcontractors and ...
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Colorado Mechanics Lien–First Steps to Take

In most states, before recording your mechanic's lien, there is a requirement to serve a pre-lien notice. This is the case for a Colorado mechanic's lien. In this state they called a notice of intent to file a Lien statement. It is served 10 days before the mechanic's lien. In a previous article, we discussed generally how this notice would work. Here are more details. This warning shot has a dual function. First, it prevents the more serious avenue of ...
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