Latest Mechanics Lien Law and News

Mechanics Liens Delay in Recording Due to COVID-19

The onset of COVID-19 has had a number of effects on our daily lives. There are also repercussions as to the filing or recording of a mechanic's lien in the recorder's office. Before the pandemic, recording of a mechanic's lien was a relatively easy process. Going in person, one simply went to the counter, handed over your documents, paid the recording fee, and received back a file-endorsed copy. Recording would be instant along with the book and page as well as instrument number ...
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California Mechanic’s Lien–Verification

All mechanic's liens have certain content requirements to be valid. A California mechanics lien is no different. Except that California is unique as to all other states in one respect. All states will require that the mechanic's lien itself be both verified and signed in front of a notary. California is the only state that does not require a notary. A notary is only required for the release of a California mechanic's lien. On the other hand, there must be ...
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When to Serve a California Preliminary 20-day Notice

Serve within 20 days of your first furnishing labor or materials to the site. Remember, this is 20 days of the start of your work, and not the work of others.  So, if you are performing landscaping at the end of the job, your time starts when you begin, not when others have started their work at the beginning.  Preparatory work off-site does not start the time running.  But any work at the site, including demo, would start the time ...
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