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Latest Mechanics Lien Law and News

Mechanic’s Lien Update: Use of Trust Fund Statutes

It is never been easy for general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to collect on their construction projects. This applies even if the remedy of a mechanic’s lien is applicable. But are there other ways of enforcing your receivables? In many cases the good news is that you have further ammunition. This relates to the various trust fund statutes by some of the states. Under these statutes, monies paid from an owner to the general contractor are to be held in ...
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Mechanic’s Lien Update– Recording Fees

When recording your mechanic’s lien in any state, there are logically recording fees. The fees are either paid to the clerk of the County Court, the register of deeds, or in some cases a recorder’s office. But how do you know the exact fee so as to prevent the forms being sent back? One way is simply to look online at the clerk’s office and see their fee schedule. But be careful: many times they have not updated the fee ...
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How to File Your Mechanic’s Lien Release

Hopefully, once you file your mechanic’s lien, payment will be forthcoming. When this happy moment arrives, you have to take care releasing the recorded mechanic’s lien. But how is this done? First, let us define terms. A mechanic’s lien release is after you have recorded the lien and have been paid. On the other hand, a mechanic’s lien waiver is waiving your right to record the lien in the future, in consideration of a partial or final payment. There are ...
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