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Who is required to serve a Pre-Lien Notice in Florida?

Any many of our clients are aware, it is typical for a state to require a pre-lien notice well before the actual recording of the mechanic’s lien. So for example, in Florida, this state requires a Notice be sent near the beginning of the project. This pre-lien notice is called a “Notice to Owner or Notice to Owner/Notice to Contractor”. Who is required to serve this notice? In general terms, all contractors, subcontractors, laborers, and material/equipment suppliers who do not ...
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Who gets served with a copy of your mechanic’s lien?

Recording or filing your mechanic’s lien with the recorder or clerk of the court is only the first step. It must also be served on the other interested parties. With few exceptions, almost all states allow the service of the mechanics lien to be made by certified mail, as opposed to having to go to the time and expense of hiring a process server or state marshal. Here are some of the issues to remember: 1 For general contractors, you ...
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Recording the Lawsuit to Foreclose a Mechanic’s Lien

Most of us know by now the power of recording a mechanic’s lien. It not only shows the seriousness of pressing for your unpaid bills, but can also stop the sale or refinance of the property. On the other hand, such a lien and does not last indefinitely and if a lawsuit is not brought to foreclose the lien—it becomes null and void. So let’s examine briefly how such a lawsuit operates through the recorder’s office. When you file the ...
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