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Colorado Mechanics Lien–First Steps to Take

In most states, before recording your mechanic's lien, there is a requirement to serve a pre-lien notice. This is the case for a Colorado mechanic's lien. In this state they called a notice of intent to file a Lien statement. It is served 10 days before the mechanic's lien. In a previous article, we discussed generally how this notice would work. Here are more details. This warning shot has a dual function. First, it prevents the more serious avenue of ...
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California Mechanic’s Lien–When is a 20 Day Preliminary Notice Required?

Most of us by now are well aware of the requirement, in California, as a condition to recording in the recorder's office a mechanic's lien, the prior service by certified mail of a preliminary notice. In other words, a traditional subcontractor is required to serve such a pre-lien notice. In other words, if you have a direct contract, whether verbally or in writing with the owner of the project, no such pre-lien is required. But there are cases in which ...
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Florida Mechanic’s Lien–Pre-Lien Notice

In a previous article we discussed the statutory requirement of serving a pre-lien notice for subcontractors and suppliers as a condition precedent to recording your mechanic's lien in Florida. The notice is called: "Notice to Owner--Notice to Contractor". It must be served within 40 days of first commencing your work. But the real question is how to perfect service. Most statues give you the ability to serve these notices personally, either by way of the Sheriff's office or a professional ...
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