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Latest Mechanics Lien Law and News

When can a contractor file Florida mechanic’s lien against a landlord’s interest?

One of the gray areas of mechanic’s lien law is when, and under what circumstances, can the contractor record a Florida mechanics lien against an owner’s interest if there is tenant improvement work.  In other words, if your contract is directly with the tenant and not the owner.  Different states look at it in various ways depending upon the concepts of knowledge and or consent.   With some states, for example Illinois, if the landlord has knowledge of the improvement, it ...
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New California Mechanics Lien Law on 7/1/2012; General Contractors to Serve a Preliminary Notice if There is a Construction Lender

  For decades the California mechanic’s lien statutes made it clear a general contractor was not required to serve a pre-lien notice. It was only for subcontractors and suppliers. The California state legislature has modified the California mechanics lien statutes effective July 1, 2012 requiring such a notice to be served under certain circumstances.                              What are the circumstances?  In a private work of improvement, that notice is served by a general contractor if there is a construction lender. Without ...
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California Mechanics Lien. When to file.

 As is commonly known, a mechanic’s lien in California filed by a general contractor or sub/supplier, is recorded in the recorder’s office of the county in which the project is located. In most cases, that must be within 90 days of completion of the overall work of job. However, if a notice of completion has been recorded, general contractors have 60 days and subcontractors have 30 days to record their California mechanic’s lien. That aspect of the law is commonly ...
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