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Latest Mechanics Lien Law and News

Mechanic’s Liens Based on a Change Order

No one would doubt for a moment that a mechanic’s lien can be filed for unpaid labor and materials under a base contract.  But as our attorney has told us, he has yet to see a job ending up in court that did not have the contested issue of one or more change orders.  If work is done pursuant to a change order and unpaid, can this be included in the filing of a mechanic’s lien? Even more specifically, what ...
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Who Can Sign a Mechancs Lien?

We all know a mechanic’s lien is a very serious legal document.  But how strenuous is the execution requirements?  In other words, who is allowed to sign the mechanics lien form?  Most people are surprised to learn these requirements are quite liberal and easy to comply with. Basically, anyone in your office. It is a misconception that only the owner of the business or the person or persons actually on the job site can sign and file the mechanic’s lien ...
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Before the Mechanics Lien: How to Serve a Pre-Lien Notice in Arizona

This article will address the question of how to file a mechanics lien in Arizona. Before you can file a mechanic’s lien in Arizona, everyone, whether a general, sub, or supplier, must serve a preliminary 20-Day Notice. Here is the rundown on how these notices work.  Name of the Pre-Lien Notice Arizona Preliminary 20-Day Lien Notice.                                                 Who Must Uses this Notice Unlike other states which require a Pre-Lien Notice to be served only by subcontractors and suppliers, Arizona requires ...
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