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Mechanic’s Lien–Amending After Nonpayment

We are all familiar with the primary process of recording a mechanics lien after nonpayment of construction services. You go to the time and effort of recording same, negotiate with either the owner or the general contractor, and hopefully come to some kind of good faith settlement. In almost all cases, this is a substantial reduction in the overall amount due. But you basically take it as a cost of doing business and accept the reduction. But the other side ...
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Illinois Mechanic’s Lien–Use of Residential Preliminary Notices

Before recording an Illinois mechanic’s lien, subcontractors and suppliers on residential projects are required to serve what is called a “Subcontractor’s Notice to Owner (60-Day Notice)”. It applies only to owner occupied single-family residences and therefore excludes industrial or commercial projects. Who must use this notice? It applies to all contractors, subcontractors, laborers and material equipment suppliers who do not have a direct contract or privity with the owner of the project. Or alternatively, with the owner’s agent. Included within ...
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California Termination for Testing Positive (marijuana) in Pre-employment Drug Test

It is well-known that California is one of the states that allows recreational use of marijuana. But how does it affect the workplace? As seen below, employers may still enforce their no tolerance drug or alcohol policies in places of employment, notwithstanding that recreational allowance. What an employer may not do is: a) have a box in the employment application asking about arrests, convictions or use of marijuana; b) random drug testing as to current employees unless there is a ...
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