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HR Consulting–Are Binding Arbitration Provisions Valid for Employees?–Part 1

Whenever possible, employers wish to have their HR disputes handled through binding arbitration. There are a number of salutary reasons: speed, low cost, experienced arbitrators, no time-consuming discovery, no protracted attorney’s fees, elimination of most pretrial motions, representing yourself before the tribunal, and most importantly, putting a halt to expensive compensatory damages which usually come from runaway jury verdicts. But are these binding arbitration provisions in employment contracts binding? They are, if they are drafted in the right way. First ...
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Georgia Mechanic’s Lien and Pre-Lien Notices

In most states, including Georgia, simply filing a mechanic’s lien at the end of the project when you are unpaid, is not enough. If you are a subcontractor, you also have to serve a pre-lien notice as step one before that mechanic’s lien. The purpose of a pre-lien notice is to identify yourself to owners and make sure you are included in payments and partial lien waivers. Accordingly, Georgia has two types of pre-lien notices which might apply to a ...
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Lis Pendens for a Mechanic’s Lien

As is commonly recognized, after the recording of a mechanic's lien, it has a limited shelf life. Within a certain period of time, called a statute of limitations, the lien claimant must bring a lien foreclosure lawsuit in Superior Court (District Court in some jurisdictions). That lawsuit typically has a cause of action to foreclose the mechanic's lien, along with (as to persons in which you have a direct contractual privity) counts for breach of contract, unjust enrichment, implied-in-fact contract, ...
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