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Latest Mechanics Lien Law and News

Alaska Mechanic’s Lien–How to file

Like most other states, there are highly technical requirements for filing an Alaska mechanic's lien. This is because they are creatures of statute and are strictly construed. Here are some of the prerequisites. PRE-LIEN NOTICE Fortunately, contractors and material/equipment suppliers are not required to give a Pre-Lien Notice before filing the actual Mechanic’s Lien. On the other hand, it is still recommended that such Pre-Lien Notices be sent out because they make enforcement of the lien much easier. The recording ...
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California Mechanic’s Lien–New General Contractor Liability for Unpaid Wages

The California Labor Commissioner and the Employment Development Department are voracious in protecting employee rights, especially as to unpaid wages and benefits. And there are a number of employment lawyers who are ready to spring and bring lawsuits. If you are a California general contractor, you will obviously be making sure all wages and benefits are paid. What if one of your subcontractors does not make such payments? Incredibly, under a new law effective January 1, 2018, the GC is ...
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It’s important to know all the “ins and outs” of recording a California mechanic’s lien. Because these liens are extraordinarily technical, National Lien Law has decided to do  a number of separate blogs outlining what a contractor can and cannot do. Here are some of the salient points. Remember, anyone can email us and receive a free California Mechanic’s Lien Law Summary that has much more detail. The effect of the lien: In the United States, mechanic’s lien go back ...
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