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Latest Mechanics Lien Law and News

Filing a Mechanics Lien to Prevent the Sale of the Property

It is bad enough furnishing valuable labor and materials to a project and not being paid. Or a slow pay arrangement in which you only receive a partial amount at the end of the project. But it can get even worse if the owner attempts to sell the property out from under you and get away without paying any sums. This is when a mechanic’s lien can effectively prevent that sale. Here is an example. You have been called in ...
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Be Technical When Filing Your Mechanic’s Lien

We are all familiar with some of the technical requirements of filing a mechanic's lien, including the legal description, the correct names and addresses of the general contractor or person you have a contract with, a description of the services performed, the first and last day furnishing labor or materials, the common street address of the property, and of course information about you as the mechanic's lien claimant. But don't let that forest distract you from the trees. Sometimes the ...
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How Early Should You File a Mechanics Lien?

Few contractors want to jeopardize the job by filing a mechanic's lien to early. If you are a subcontractor, for example, you want to make sure the owner and the general are in good faith taking the steps to pay. And it may be politically unwise to jump the gun on a project. But still you have to protect your rights. But be careful. Many states have what is called an "owner's defense". Namely, once the owner on a residential ...
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