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Latest Mechanics Lien Law and News

California Mechanic’s Lien Update: New Preliminary Notice

As is commonly known, California is a mechanic's lien state that requires as a condition precedent to a mechanic's lien, the filing of a preliminary 20 day notice. This basic format has not changed over the years, but there have been some small wrinkles as of late. As of January 1, 2011, the 20-Day Notice has been changed to add new wording under the “Notice to Property Owner” section. It is absolutely required to use the new forms. All construction ...
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New language required for California preliminary 20 day notice

Most of us are aware of the requirement for serving a preliminary 20 day notice on California private works of improvement. And the fact that it is a requirement before recording a California mechanic's lien. But there are other requirements you should bear in mind. New Civil Code Section 8102 has mandatory wording which must be included in all such notices, under the heading of: “Notice under this part (meaning all the new provisions of the mechanic’s lien law under ...
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Mechanic’s Lien Update: Use of Trust Fund Statutes

It is never been easy for general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to collect on their construction projects. This applies even if the remedy of a mechanic’s lien is applicable. But are there other ways of enforcing your receivables? In many cases the good news is that you have further ammunition. This relates to the various trust fund statutes by some of the states. Under these statutes, monies paid from an owner to the general contractor are to be held in ...
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