Intro. You know the drill. You have called, written letters, submitted the same invoice over and over, given back-up receipts and invoices, met at the job site, threatened to impose interest and finance charges, thrown in extras without compensation, and complied with punch lists, just to persuade the other side to pay your bills.

Nothing. The only thing received in exchange is broken promises and a runaround. Let us help.

Our collection attorney has over 30 years experience using the right methods to pry open the coffers. He has helped us to prepare a number of letters, starting out simple and escalating to threatened legal action. These are not just a collection of our standard downloadable forms–they are individually drafted.

Our packages includes unlimited consultation, review, and overall strategy. We then prepare the following custom letters:

                                                         CONTINGENT FEE

I. Level One Package (25%)

  • 25% of Amount Collected Before Lawsuit.  No up-front costs. Contingent–“No Collection–No Fee”.

II. Level Two Package (40%)

  • 40% of Amount Collected After Lawsuit. You pay only court filing fee and process serving. All paperwork and court proceedings done for you. Lawsuit brought in your name as a pro per/pro se Plaintiff.  Contingent–“No Collection–No Fee”.

                                                              FLAT FEE

I. Level One Package ($275 plus filing and mailing costs)

    • Initial Demand Letter. We don’t just ask for money–we tell them why. It consists of an outline of the facts showing labor and materials were confirmed in good faith, citation of the law, and the legal repercussions of not paying.
    • 1st Follow-up Letter. Tough and to the point. Comprises a notice of intent to file a mechanic’s lien if not paid, without further notice, together with the assessment of prejudgment interest at the legal rate and/or finance charges.
    • 2nd Follow-up Letter. The filing of a mechanic’s lien. Included is a search of title confirming the owner of record, address, and legal description. Service is included.
    • 3rd Follow-up Letter. If payment is still not made, they are informed a lawsuit to foreclose the mechanic’s lien will be brought within ten days. As a result, they will be assessed court costs and collection fees.

II. Level Two Package ($750 plus filing and costs)

  • All the letters and notices above, together with the mechanic’s lien.
  • Lawsuit to Foreclose the Mechanic’s Lien. This is an extensive series of documents. It consists of the lawsuit and summons (causes of action for breach of contract, common counts, unjust enrichment, and foreclosure of the mechanic’s lien); personal service by a professional process server; answer to any cross-complaint; status reports to the court; discovery (demand for inspection of documents, interrogatories, and request for admissions); stay pending arbitration (if applicable); and mediation / trial brief. You will be filing and prosecuting the action in your own name, although we prepare all the documents.

Attorney prepared demand letter.

Call (800) 995-9434 to begin. Thank you for your patronage.