Construction Field Directives,
Minutes of Job Meetings, & Confirming Memos of Conversations

Contractor Forms Series

If you are unfortunate enough to end up in court or arbitration over a construction dispute, or a lawsuit to foreclose a mechanics lien, there is nothing more important than having in your arsenal a document which confirms a meeting or conversation on an important point. Every day, thousands of persons are subjected to the vagaries of: “He said . . . she said”, with a judge making a decision which does not always comport with the facts. Entire cases involving hundreds of thousands of dollars can well revolve around a two minute conversation regarding change orders, work scope, timing, deletions to the specifications, interpretations given by a project manager or architect, pricing, or informal settlement agreements reached. Literally “Exhibit 1” in any such controversy would be a contractor form in writing which confirms that conversation or meeting. And just as importantly, judges give exceptional importance to anything that is put down in writing.

The good news is that it takes only moments to confirm such a conversation or meeting. One of the purposes of this module is to give you everyday contractor forms that confirm such conversations easily and clearly—even at the job site.

The package below includes contractor forms used by general contractors and subcontractors (in fillable PDF format so they can be used over and over again), detailed instructions, examples of situations you may encounter, ways to set yourself up for a more successful mechanics lien enforcement action, and formatted into a Kit with ten (10) separate forms for one price. The forms include:


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