Costs For Filing a Mechanic’s Lien

Recording Fee

Each state has their own fee schedule–no two are alike. And, within a particular state, sometimes each County has a different rate as well. If you wish precision, simply give us a call and we will look up the exact amount for you.

As a general rule, mechanic’s lien recording fees are in the $30 range. Typically there is a rate for the first page and then a dollar amount for each additional page. However, some states are much more, for example Washington State, Massachusetts and Illinois.

Certified Mail

In the overwhelming majority of states (exception, for example, Connecticut which requires personal service), the lien is served by certified mail. Currently the USPS cost is $6.47 per mailing.  When applicable, the following persons are served: the owner, general contractor, and the person you have a contract with (if you are a sub-sub).

Title Search

National Lien Law conducts an online title search through First American Title and the assessor’s office in the County in which the project is located. And, the assessor’s office is sometimes called as well. This verifies the owner of record and secures the legal description which is required for recording. No additional charge.

Address Verification

To verify the addresses of the owner and general contractor, the following sources are used: a) First American Title, b) assessor’s office and c) Google search. No additional charge.


All mechanic’s lien, except those in California, require a notary. No additional charge.

Proof of Service

This is proof the mechanic’s lien has been served by certified mail. Additionally, some states, for example Pennsylvania, require the filing of a proof of service after the lien is recorded.