For Construction Industry Employers


Intro. Don’t have an alcohol policy? You need one. The incidence of alcohol and drug use during employment has become a serious factor nationwide as to productivity, employee morale, and the risk of personal injury and property damage. With such problems on the rise, it carries with it both downtime problems and the potential liability of being hit with a lawsuit. And nowhere is the danger greater than on a construction project, especially with the handling of potentially injurious tools and equipment. Employers need to be vigilant, but also need to know the law both from a Federal and state perspective, so they do not over-step their bounds. This Workplace Drug Policy Kit will not only help you set up such a policy, but put it in place so that it is legally enforceable.

The forms in this drug alcohol policy Kit consist of a company policy manual, a summary of the law, and consent forms for the conducting of such drug tests.

Some of the important issues addressed are as follows:

    • Your overall company drug policy, including no tolerance for drug and alcohol impairing one’s performance during work hours.
    • Rules as job applicants.
    • Rules as to current employees.
    • When drug and alcohol tests can be conducted.
    • What is reasonable suspicion to believe someone has drugs or alcohol in their system.
    • Procedures to be taken after an accident.
    • Random drug testing.
    • Types of drug tests.
    • Definitions of illegal drugs.
    • Monitoring and no-tampering provisions.
    • Ensuring privacy.
    • Refusing to take an test and its consequences.
    • Confidentiality.
    • Persons covered.
    • What is a positive test and what happens if this occurs.
    • Safety-sensitive positions discussed in your drug free workplace policy.
    • Consent forms.
    • Rehab programs.
    • Testing certification.
    • Testing procedures.



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