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Use these schedules to describe the finish items on the project. The goal is to meet with the owners before construction starts and iron out as many of the details as possible. This will give you the luxury of time in putting in your orders. Most significantly special order or back-order items.

Think of schedules as a way of describing finish items in shorthand language. In other words, instead of going to the laborious chore of writing out a long description of each item, schedules allow you to list them in very brief fashion. And, most states expect you to describe in detail the materials you are supplying. It is easier that way because a contractor form is already provided and you simply fill it in. In other words, instead of having a long description of: ”Ten light kitchen chandelier, oil rubbed bronze finish, faux alabaster shade, 44 ½ W X 99 ¼ H, Hampton Bay, manufacturer number 306-636, eight candelabra bulbs, installed in the center of the kitchen ceiling”, the form would simply say:

Why use schedules? Two big reasons. First, it makes the project go much smoother because you know beforehand what to expect as to the finish items.

Secondly, it helps prevent disputes. How often can you remember there has been a change order or scope dispute as to which finishes are included or not included in the contract? And why prejudice a future mechanic’s lien claim?  Or what to do with changes or substitutions. Or the homeowner that keeps ordering more expensive finishes and expects you to “eat it”. If the finish items are clearly delineated at the beginning of the project, this goes a long way to diminishing such disputes.

Contractor Forms

Here is a list of the schedules:

  • Appliance schedule Sample
  • Light fixture (interior) schedule Sample
  • Light fixture(exterior) schedule Sample
  • Plumbing schedule Sample
  • Windows schedule Sample
  • Doors (exterior) schedule Sample
  • Doors (interior) schedule Sample
  • Interior finish schedule by a room. This is a longer version which has more detail. Sample
  • Interior finished schedule (simple). This is a shorter version which has less detail. Sample
  • Exterior finish schedule (simple). This is a shorter version. Sample
  • Exterior finish schedule (long). This is a longer version which has more detail. Sample

Who uses them? To be used by general contractors and subcontractors.

Also in Word Format. You will also be receiving the schedules in Word format. This will allow you to make any modifications you wish.

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