Greetings. Thanks for joining us. We are proud to provide professional services in filing a mechanics lien, each step of which is reviewed by one of our construction attorneys and processed by representatives with a law degree and construction experience. We have been filing construction liens and serving pre-lien notices since 1976. We are one of the oldest “File a mechanic’s lien” service in the Nation, starting out in California and branching out through the years to all 50 states.

What we do:

  • Initial consultation.
  • Review of client documentation.
  • State specific lien research for statutory formalities and time limitations.
  • Attorney review.
  • Preparation of the mechanics lien.
  • Title search.
  • Owner verification.
  • Confirmation of owner’s address.
  • Legal description.
  • Verify court or recorder information, including fees.
  • File the lien.
  • Client email status reports.
  • Certified mailing.
  • Proof of service.
  • Standard overnight to clerk of the court or recorder for the lien filing.

Pricing. Pricing for filing a mechanics lien from the major companies on the Internet can be in the range of $250.00 to $750 and above. We would rather keep you as a continuing client and therefore offer the following competitive pricing:

Pre-lien Notices:

  • a) 1 Pre-lien Notice: $95. Includes all costs (title search and certified mailing).
  • b) 2 to 4 Notices: $85/each.
  • c) 5 or more Notices: $75/each.

File a Mechanics lien:

  • a) 1 mechanics lien: $295. Includes all costs (title search, certified mailing, 2-day standard overnight to recorder, and recording fees).
  • b) 2 to 4 liens. $265/each.
  • c) 5 or more liens. $245/each.

How to order:

Call the number below and we will take your information over the phone.  We will give free consultation, go over your job, determine the likelihood of success, research any legal issues, and develop a strategy for collection.  The same day, the mechanics lien will be prepared and sent overnight to the recorder’s office for lien filing.

Questions: (800) 995-9434; (925) 899-8449 (Direct to Bernie). We would be happy to give you a free initial consultation. Thanks for your business!