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Be Technical When Filing Your Mechanic’s Lien

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We are all familiar with some of the technical requirements of filing a mechanic’s lien, including the legal description, the correct names and addresses of the general contractor or person you have a contract with, a description of the services performed, the first and last day furnishing labor or materials, the common street address of the property, and of course information about you as the mechanic’s lien claimant. But don’t let that forest distract you from the trees. Sometimes the most minor aspects have to compete complied with his well.

For example, the other day one of the clerk’s offices required not only the signature, company name, and title of the mechanic’s lien claimant, but also the name typed under the signature line. Sounds illogical and picky, but remember a clerk’s office calls the cards and you can’t fight City Hall.

So for this reason, always print or type in the name underneath all signatures on the lien just to be safe.

On that subject, realize that anyone in your office can sign the mechanic’s lien, whether an owner, partner, officer, director, shareholder, manager, or even support staff. All they have to do is certify that the information is true which can be done simply by a review of the file prior to filling out and signing the mechanic’s lien. In other words, the person signing does not have to be the one who was on the job supervising the work or doing the work itself.