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Colorado Mechanics Lien–First Steps to Take

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In most states, before recording your mechanic’s lien, there is a requirement to serve a pre-lien notice. This is the case for a Colorado mechanic’s lien. In this state they called a notice of intent to file a Lien statement. It is served 10 days before the mechanic’s lien. In a previous article, we discussed generally how this notice would work. Here are more details.

This warning shot has a dual function. First, it prevents the more serious avenue of recording a mechanic’s lien and gives the parties a chance to settle matters and pay amounts owed. Secondly, it shows just how serious you are in recording the lien because you are providing a sample copy.

Both a notice of intent in the Colorado mechanic’s lien are dated, sign, and notarized. To save time and money, the best idea is to have this done before the notary at one sitting.

You attach a copy, not the original, the mechanics lien to the notice of intent. If you are a general contractor, you serve the owner and if you are a subcontractor, you serve both the owner and the general contractor.

Then after you wait to 10 days, you can record your mechanic’s lien.

Remember that the notice of intent is not to serve, but is also recorded. This is done in the recording department of the clerk’s office in the county in which the property is located.

Colorado mechanics lien law and forms