How to File Your Mechanic’s Lien Release

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Hopefully,  once you file your mechanic’s lien, payment will be forthcoming. When this happy moment arrives, you have to take care releasing the recorded mechanic’s lien. But how is this done?

First, let us define terms. A mechanic’s lien release is after you have recorded the lien and have been paid. On the other hand, a mechanic’s lien waiver is waiving your right to record the lien in the future, in consideration of a partial or final payment.

There are basically two ways you can handle the mechanic’s lien release. You could through the ball into the court of the owner and have them, or their attorney, prepare the release and have it ready for your signature and notarization. You then send back the original by mail or hand deliver and have them take care of the recording. But usually owners do not want to do this. They expect you to handle the lien release.

In that case, you prepare the mechanic’s lien release, make reference to the recorded documents so the recorder can track the full satisfaction, sign and have it notarized. You then mail it or have it delivered to the clerk’s office. At the same time you give a copy to the owner to show you are in the process of recording it.

Then when the mechanic’s lien release is returned stamp from the court, you scan a copy and send it to the owner by an email attachment. The owner will have recording information on it and they will know for sure it has been accomplished.

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