Mechanics Lien for Service Contracts

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For the people that have been in the business for a number of years, it can categorically be stated that no one has ever seen it this bad. Before, business was booming. In fact it was so robust, that some contractors would rather take a another job than file mechanic’s lien.  Contractors are not just struggling, they have been blotted off the map.  When you call them, they are no longer in business, have moved, or cannot even be contacted.  This also means that when a general contractor is no longer in business, he or she drags down the attendant subcontractors and suppliers. 

But the smart money is in the service industry.  Assuming you wish to downscale to that level, companies that service small home improvement jobs such as electrical, plumbing, HCAC, painting, and general maintenance, are quite busy.  For example, a homeowner would not have enough money to redo a kitchen, but they might put in new circuits or lighting.  Many of our former clients are doing well in this niche. 

This also means the contractors are more likely to file mechanic’s lien.  In days gone by, they might forgive such transgressions because they were amply paid on other jobs or under the base contract.  No more.  Rightfully so, they are expecting to get paid on every aspect of their job.  A mechanics lien then becomes an absolute necessity.

Even more reason to make sure you comply with all the legalities in filing or recording your mechanic’s lien.  As specialists in this field, let us help you handle that mechanics lien form.  Call and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.