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Latest Mechanics Lien Law and News

Mechanic’s Lien News–How to Treat the Construction Lender

When recording a mechanic's lien, a question arises as to whether you should also serve the construction lender. Here are some general pointers. First, we have to define who is a construction lender. It is only a lending institution that specifically funds the construction process. So for example, if you are Mr. and Mrs. Smith and are doing a remodel and are using your own funds or a personal loan secured by real estate, it is not within the definition ...
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Mechanic’s Lien Update: Are You a General or Subcontractor?

In deciding how and when to record a mechanic's lien, it is important to define your status. This depends whether you will be categorized as a general contractor or a subcontractor/supplier. The first thing to do is ignore your license status. Some people think that if you are a licensed electrical subcontractor, for example,  you will always be considered a sub for purposes of the lien law. This is not true. This is because your status is determined by who ...
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New California Mechanic’s Lien Law 2018-2019

Mechanic’s lien law can be very technical and can change frequently by the various state legislatures. It is therefore important to have up-to-date information. Here is the New California Mechanic’s Lien Law 2018-2019. If you have any questions, call 800-995-9434, Extension 1 and talk to Bernie for a free consultation. Or go to California Mechanic’s Lien Forms ...
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