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Latest Mechanics Lien Law and News

Mechanic’s Lien Update: Are You a General or Subcontractor?

In deciding how and when to record a mechanic's lien, it is important to define your status. This depends whether you will be categorized as a general contractor or a subcontractor/supplier. The first thing to do is ignore your license status. Some people think that if you are a licensed electrical subcontractor, for example,  you will always be considered a sub for purposes of the lien law. This is not true. This is because your status is determined by who ...
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New California Mechanic’s Lien Law 2018-2019

Mechanic’s lien law can be very technical and can change frequently by the various state legislatures. It is therefore important to have up-to-date information. Here is the New California Mechanic’s Lien Law 2018-2019. If you have any questions, call 800-995-9434, Extension 1 and talk to Bernie for a free consultation. Or go to California Mechanic’s Lien Forms ...
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Mechanic’s Lien Update: How Many Times to Serve a Pre-lien Notice?

Before recording your mechanic's lien, most states as to subcontractors and suppliers, require the serving by certified mail of a pre-lien notice. Typically it is served at the beginning of the project. But are there cases in which you have to serve this notice more than once? In almost all cases, the answer is no. The avowed purpose of the notice is to identify yourself to the owner and general contractor. In other words, let them know you exist out ...
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