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Latest Mechanics Lien Law and News

How to Get Information to Fill Out Your California Preliminary 20-Day Notice

Under California’s new law in effect as of July 1, 2012, as usual subcontractors and suppliers must serve a preliminary notice on the owner, general contractor, and construction lender. Also under the new law, general contractors must serve the preliminary notice on any construction lender. But how do we get the information to fill out the form? Here is the rundown: General Contractor’s Notice Effective July 1, 2012 general contractors on residential and commercial projects must serve a preliminary notice ...
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Do You Need a Legal Description in Order to File a Mechanic’s Lien?

The simple answer. By statute, in many but not all cases. As a recommended procedure, always. Without sounding like a typical attorney, let us explain in more detail. First, there is never a requirement to include the legal description in a preliminary notice or notice of intent to lien. The only exception: If that notice is required to be recorded. An example would be Nevada in which one must record and serve within 15 days of the mechanic’s lien, such ...
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There is no need to specify your exact profit and overhead in a contract–that is your private business.

11-15-12. No state regulates the amount of your profit and overhead. Basically, it is what the traffic will bear. However, most states have home improvement contract laws which require you to specify the terms of the contract. But this applies to the overall contract price and does not require itemization of the exact profit or overhead. Any subsequent mechanics lien can be based on that internal figure. If it is a lump sum or stipulated amount, you do not have ...
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