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Home Improvement Contract



Required written contract for a contractor (general or sub) that has a direct contract with a residential homeowner, with all the clauses mandated by this State’s law. Applies to any construction, repair, replacement, remodel, service, or improvement of a private residence or work on the land surrounding it. Does not apply to swimming pool or spa contracts. Not required for construction of a new home from scratch (as opposed to work on an existing residence). Caution: There are serious penalties if you do not use such a contract. This may include: discipline or fines through the contractor’s license board; not being able to file a lien or sue for unpaid monies; having the amount in your contract reduced by what a judge finds is the “reasonable value” of your work; or making your contract void and unenforceable. Includes: 2 full contracts (simple and complex) with attachments such as: Contract Documents List, Allowance Schedule, Matching Materials Attachment, Special Order Attachment, Arbitration, and Addendum. Also: Pre-construction Notes to Homeowner and the following schedules: Exterior finish, interior finish, light fixtures exterior, light fixtures interior, plumbing, windows, appliances, doors interior, and doors exteriors. Features: Protection from non-payment; no guarantee as to start or finish dates; work not required to be done with perfection–simply within industry tolerances; no responsibility for errors in plans by others; detailed change order provisions to ensure payment for extras, and many more. Sample is abbreviated form of contract. View Sample PDF