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Mechanic’s Lien Update– Recording Fees

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When recording your mechanic’s lien in any state, there are logically recording fees. The fees are either paid to the clerk of the County Court, the register of deeds, or in some cases a recorder’s office. But how do you know the exact fee so as to prevent the forms being sent back?

One way is simply to look online at the clerk’s office and see their fee schedule. But be careful: many times they have not updated the fee schedule. And if you are in the time frame near the first of the year, they could have raised the fees without re-posting on their website.

So by far the best idea is to look online, get the clerk’s phone number, and simply give them a call. That way you will have the up-to-date information.

Sometimes, if they are nice, a clerk’s office will give you a call if you have the wrong amount on your check, and ask for your credit card. Or they will hold your forms while you send in the correct check overnight.

Another way is to include two checks. One check for the amount you think is correct and another “not to exceed check”. So if you think the filing fee is $20, you could enclose a check not to exceed $50.

However, some clerks will not use your not to exceed check, so the best idea by far as to call the clerk on each occasion.

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