Greetings. Thanks for joining us. We are proud to provide a service to prepare your mechanic’ s lien. We have been filing construction liens and serving pre-lien notices since 1976. We are one of the oldest “File a mechanic’s lien” service in the Nation, starting out in California and branching out through the years to all 50 states.

What we do:

  • Initial consultation.
  • Review of client documentation.
  • State specific lien research for statutory formalities and time limitations.
  • Preparation of the mechanics lien.
  • Verify recorder information, including fees.
  • Instructions of how to record and serve by certified mail.
  • Preparation of Proof of Service from.
  • Emailed back to you the same day.
  • You do the recording and service.

Pricing. Pricing for filing a mechanics lien from the major companies on the Internet can be in the range of $250.00 to $750 and above. We would rather keep you as a continuing client and therefore offer the following competitive pricing:

Pre-lien Notices:

  • a) 1 Pre-lien Notice: $50.
  • b) 2 to 4 Notices: $45/each.
  • c) 5 or more Notices: $40/each.

Prepare a Mechanics lien:

  • a) 1 mechanics lien: $75.
  • b) 2 to 4 liens. $65/each.
  • c) 5 or more liens. $55/each.

How to order:

Call the number below and we will take your information over the phone.  The same day, the mechanic’s lien will be prepared and emailed back.

Questions: (800) 995-9434; (925) 899-8449 (Direct to Bernie). We would be happy to give you a free initial consultation. Thanks for your business!